Winter Schools at the
Canary Islands Business School
Rediscover learning

Winter Schools Rediscover learning

A Winter School needs to add value, to help a student think differently, challenging them with new experiences and ope- ning their eyes to new opportunities. At the Canary Islands Business School, we understand that the best Winter Schools do all of this and have built a model that combines a good balance between theory, real life and personal experience, to deliver successful outcomes. And more, it all takes place in the fantastic environment of the Canary Islands.

La Playa de Las Canteras

Located in the heart of Las Palmas, the capital of the Canary Islands, the school is in Ciudad Jardin, an area known for its history during the conquest and colonisation of the island by the British. Today, it is part of a city named the third best in Europe for digital and remote workers, recognised for its cosmopolitan lifestyle and multicultural influences, geographica- lly located between Europe, the Americas and Africa.

Rediscover learning at a Winter School at the Canary Islands Business School.

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Designed for business students and teaching staff, the Winter School will enhance students business skills with learning both in and out of the classroom. Enhanced by the wonderful envi- ronment of the Canary Islands, students will have an experience that challenges them to see new perspectives, bringing their studies to life.

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Not all learning takes place in the classroom. Leveraging our wide range of corporate connec- tions, the Canary Islands Business School will build an experiential programme to help your students apply their learning.

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And learning goes further at our Winter Schools, beyond the classroom and beyond the experien- tial. Learning also needs to be fun, bringing people together, allowing them to build networ- ks and skills.

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Rediscover learning at a Winter School at the Canary Islands Business School

  • Learning enhanced through experience, bringing together the classroom with our sensing journeys, and using the practice of innovation to drive knowledge.

  • Bring your class, your curriculum and your professors to learn in a different environment enhanced by new experiences.

  • Enjoy winter as never before! Learn in the beautiful environ- ment of the Canary Islands, experience the warmth of a top European destination.

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